You did it! #08

A new success for the pépitos today! Are my readers fond of good food? :D

After Clémentine, this is Assouane who made me happy by sending photos and notes about her pépito test, which is more than really well done!

Assouane saw my pépito version on Food Reporter among some others ‘petits plats’ ;) “and after, I discovered Rose’s blog (blog that I love)”. I’m so proud, thank you Assouane ;)

Then she noticed that other readers tried the pépito recipe and managed to do it! So she decided to try it too; “I like to test recipes”.

And it was delicious!

“Moreover, it was easy to do for me who dreaded to make the dough, it didn’t stick and it was easy to work. Concerning the fresh custard, it’s quite easy.”

As Assouane said, the secret is to let the dough rest enough time.

“So I suggest to all of you to try it!!!!!!”

I’m also taking the opportunity to recommend to you a version that I recently tried and that we could call: the coconut square. You just have to add the quantity of grated coconut you want on the fresh custard and the chocolate chunks, and it’s done :D


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