Smoked salmon surprise wrapper

Well this time, I’ve impressed myself :p I don’t need a lot for it, right ^^

I’m usually not really fond of main courses (as you probably have noticed ;) but this time, I think I was really inspired!

I don’t know if the name I gave to this course makes sense, you will tell me ;): “au menu” today is “smoked salmon surprise wrapper” I have never eaten or even seen this kind of dish that’s why I’m really proud of myself for once ^^. A nice colored aspect, different textures and tastes that go well together: that for me are the 3 most important things in a course!

Well, I’m going to stop blowing my own trumpet now and tell you more about what is hiding inside this “small” wrapper: an avocado mousse with slightly acid apple and a fresh cream cheese with Espelette chili!

Want some? Yes, yes! Then follow me ;)
 For one wrapper, you will need:
    • 3 smoked salmon slices
    • 1 small avocado
    • 2 slices of a slight acid apple
    • 1 tbs Philadelphia (or other fresh cheese)
    • Some Espelette chili

    We start with the different mixtures:

    Blend the avocado until getting a smooth texture (if you want, you can whisk it afterwards to introduce some air and to get a more frothy texture).

    Thinly dice the green apple slices and mix them with the avocado. Depending on your taste, add some pepper and salt if you want, I haven’t.

    Then, into a salad bowl, mix the fresh cheese with some Espelette chili.

    Now the assembly:
      1. Put some plastic wrap on a plate.
      2. Put 3 slices of smoked salmon on it, stack them up, the top of the slices in the center of the plate.
      3. On the smoked salmon, in the center, put the 2/3 of the avocado mousse.
      4. Make a small hole with a spoon in the mousse.
      5. Add the chili cream in the hole.
      6. Cover with the 1/3 left of avocado.
      7. Close the wrapper by putting the edges up using the plastic wrap and tighten it well.
      Hup, all the steps in pictures:

      And it’s done!


      - Technical:

      Use a plate with high edges (like a soup plate) to help you to form and close the wrapper at the end if you prefer.

      To harden it a bit and make the cut easier, keep aside about 30 minutes into the freezer before serving it.

      - Organoleptic:

      I used some “Gravlax” smoked salmon this time, with dill, which gives a nice color to the wrapper. But it looks very well with classic smoked salmon too!

      Concerning the layers, let your imagination go wild! The first time I tried the “wrapper”, I simply filled it with a salad made up of a bit of everything that was in the refrigerator (rice, tomato, grated carrots, hard-boiled egg) and it was very good :D


      To accompany with some fresh green salad and crunchy toasts!

      This is it for today, I hope that I gave you some inspiration and that I will soon see your realizations :)

      See you!


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