100% homemade vegetarian burger

Hey hey dear friends!

I’m here today with a salty recipe just for a pleasant change :p But I reassure you, this recipe is as appetizing as the previous ones! Because it’s a beautiful 100% homemade burger that’s going to be on the plate! Vegetarian burger of course ;)

To do it, I took my spinach & chickpea vegetarian steak recipe – recipe that you can change as you wish regarding the vegetables and/or the spices, and some nicesesame breads which are really easy to make. We add a good creamy sauce to it and it’s done!

For 2 burgers:
    • 2 vegetarian steaks (recipe here)
    • 2 small sesame breads (recipe here)
    • Some leaves of a crunchy salad
    • Some cherry tomatoes sliced
    • Philadelphia
    • Tomato paste
    • Mustard
    • Capers
    • “Piment d’Espelette” (yes, I went all out with this recipe: mustard and hot pepper!!)

    The first step consists in preparing ahead the small breads by following the magical bread recipe. Very very easy! You just have to form some small balls of dough, whatever size you want, and to sprinkle some sesame seeds on it before cooking them! You can also add the sesame seeds to the flour if you want a stronger taste.

    Second step, the vegetarian steak: here I followed exactly my previous recipe. But as I told you before, you can easily change the vegetables and/or the spices used.

    Finally, for the final preparation, we just need to:
    1. Cut in half the breads and toast them
    2. Spread mustard out on them
    3. Add steak to the bottom part
    4. Spread out a Philadelphia / tomato paste mixture on the steak
    5. Add some tomato slices and some salad leaves
    6. Put a few capers and sprinkle a bit of “piment d’Espelette
    7. Close it and it’s done!


    Just one advise: get a bib ready :D A bit (really) difficult to eat but so good :D There is a great mix of textures and flavors is this burger, which in my case completely satisfies my taste whishes :D

    If you got some ideas for a pleasant change about the sauces and the steaks, I’m listening!



    1. Does it hard to find people to get past the psychological barrier of eating crap? Sounds like there''ll be a lot of children in therapy in the future. But how if they trying to find better grains and even growing meat in test flavour. That's all great, and I recommended this burger! Good luck.