Small chocolate tarts

In the series of super easy recipes, super good and with chocolate, after the chocolate fondant, I would go for the chocolate tart please! Except for the preparation of the shortcrust pastry which can take a bit of time (but I really advice you to make it by yourself, it’s so easy and way better! The recipe is here :), you just need to mix 2 ingredients and it’s done!

Moreover, quantities are really easy to remember, so no need to follow a recipe ;) But I still give it to you :p

You will need:

Start by preparing the shortcrust pastry:

Precook them without any ingredient on it for about 10 minutes at 180°C. Or, if you already have some precooked ones into the freezer, you can directly use them!

Cut the chocolate in small pieces (to make it melt faster).

Into a pan, boil the whipping cream, turn off the heat, add the chocolate chunks and cover with a dish top.

After having waited for 2 minutes, mix the mixture well with a spatula and pour it onto your shortcrust pastries.

Put aside in the fridge to harden it and here you go!


You can choose to make a big tart or just small ones, depending on how you feel like!

For a pleasant change, think about varying the chocolate used, I heard that some people love milk chocolate ;)

Oh and it’s so easy to change quantities that even if you’re alone at home and you’ve got a little craving for chocolate, a ‘30g whipping cream/30g chocolate’ should be right for one small tart!


You can add “a bit” of whipped cream to the tart if you want to but the crunchiness of the pastry and the creaminess of the chocolate really make the tart good by itself :)

Enjoy it and see you very soon!


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