Cake pops!

Well, culinary tries don’t work every time! I recently wanted to innovate with a small bran biscuits recipe, but I don’t know if the basic recipe had a problem or if it was me^^, but the result wasn’t really great. And I had a lot of photos ready to show you, that’s so unfair :p Very ‘dry-weird-doughy’ texture but taste was pretty good… And because there is just NO WAY for me to throw food away, I had to fix that!

So I got the idea to make some “Cake pops” with it! You probably have already seen them, those little balls made of melting cake inside and crunchy chocolate outside. I already tried to make them, a long time ago, with some Nutella. But here, the “real” Nutella is a rare commodity. It’s kept into a safe box double locked, and Mister is the only one who gets to have the key (yes yes :D). Well, right, I must admit that the homemade chocolate-nut spread recently discovered tempted me a lot more :p

So hup, without any moment's thought, I took my mixer, a pan, and here we go.

To save a cake gone wrong, you will need:
    • The cake gone wrong
    • Somehomemade chocolate-nut spread (but Nutella is ok ;)
    • Some dark chocolate
    • Some stuff for the finishing touch: grated coconut, sweet little stars, etc.

    Start by preparing the homemade chocolate-nut spread by following this recipe and pour it into a salad bowl.Then crumble the cake on the spread. Blend, adjust the quantity of cake and/or spread in order to get a texture that you can easily handle.

    Then form some balls whatever size you want and keep 30 minutes into the freezer.

    After this time, melt some dark chocolate in a double-boiler. Then take a wood pick, dive it into the melted chocolate, drive it into a ball and dive the ball into the melting chocolate. Make sure you put some chocolate all over the ball. Swirl the ball around on top of the chocolate to remove the excess chocolate from the ball. Then you can add some grated coconut or whatever you want before the chocolate solidify.

    Put the balls on some parchment paper, upside down (be sure it dried a bit before) or use a cheese grater and drive the picks in it (sorry, I didn’t find anything better on the fly :D) – I think a glass could serve the purpose if your picks are high enough. And keep in the fridge until eating them!


    Gamble paid off! That was way better, phew. The crunchiness and the melting replaced the dry texture from the original cake. The light nut taste from the spread brings something new, I really liked it. Besides, I know two little ones of 2 and 9 years old who pounced on them :) And I don’t know why but the cake pops with little stars disappeared first ;)

    Do you have any other ideas to give a second life to your cakes? I’m listening!


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