Small almond chocolate-pear tarts

At the end of this rainy Easter weekend, I wasn’t really in the mood for cooking for a long time. But I couldn’t resist a pear that was going to die :p So I thought that some small almond chocolate-pear tarts would be perfect to end this chocolate weekend :)

Moreover, if you have some frozen precooked shortcrust pastries into your freezer just as me, you will be quickly done!

So, to prepare 4 small almond chocolate-pear tarts, you will need:

    If you make the shortcrust pastry at the last moment, count 10 minutes to precook it. You will find the recipe hear :) Otherwise, if you use frozen precooked shortcrust pastries, you can use them directly without defrosting.

    Then we prepare the liquid mixture:

    Whisk almond powder with sugar and stir in the egg. Mix whipped cream with it.

    Grate a bit of chocolate in the shortcrust pastries (or put some little chunks) or spread a good layer of Nutella ;)

    Slice the pear and put slices on the chocolate. Cover it with the liquid mixture that contains almond powder.


    Bake for 20 minutes at 180°C!


    Use some “dulce de leche” instead of chocolate for those who like it! Tried and approved :)


    Those delicious tarts can be served in different ways! Warm, cold, with some vanilla ice cream… Whatever your choice is, you will enjoy the nice almond taste, which really reminds the frangipani taste, associated to the pear-chocolate couple that is always a success :) A melting and crunchy delight all in one!


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