Homemade chocolate-nut spread

“I want to be good”, I’m sure it rings a bell! Don’t worry, you’re still on a cooking blog ^^. It’s the name of THE cooking blog (some recipes are in English!) where you can find a lot of wonderful recipes: original ideas, strong colors (a passion for the pink color is in the air, you should for example look at this great Beetroot Gravlax Salmon), some beautiful texts and so on. You must not miss the “Foodanimés”, videos that impress me each time! Can you see the stars in my eyes right now? :p

Anyway, I’m a huuuuuge fan of B.Wak! And today, I wanted to highlight the recipe (en French) which made me know her blog: a homemade chocolate-nut spread.

An easy and quick recipe that is going to satisfy your chocolate desires with just a quick blending.

And only a few ingredients are necessary:
    • 60g nuts
    • 50g bitter cacao powder
    • 50g agave syrup
    • 80ml milk

      1st step: brown the nuts into a frying pan. Let them cool down and blend until getting a purée.

      First time that I blended this kind of fruits I was amazed to see how quickly I went from a powder texture to a purée – note for next culinary tries :p

      2nd step: we mix everything! Cacao powder, agave syrup, milk and nut purée.

      3rd step: well, we enjoy ourselves :p


      So, you should know that I’m a fan of dark chocolate! “Do you want some milk chocolate, white chocolate?” Pfff, no, that is not real chocolate :p ^^:p But in this situation, I have to say that the result is very bitter, even for me. But what is really great with this recipe is that it’s extremely easy to adjust, depending on your tastes, by adding a bit more of one or several basic ingredients.

      To keep a few days in the fridge. The texture will remain malleable as it should be, don’t worry :)


      Well, I won’t teach you anything new here :p

      On a slice of a good fresh bread, some brioche, crepes or directly with the spoon … yummy!

      Please note the quality of the ingredients: everything is healthy! So don’t hesitate to enjoy yourself :)


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