You did it! #12

Hi everybody!

A quick tour of the latest accomplishments of Olivier!

Olivier, you may remember, already enjoyed himself with the Salmon, leeks and mozzarella lasagna and went all out with the Banana cake by making 3 bakes in a row :D

Today, he comes back with the Yoghurt apple cakerecipe where apples have been replaced by 4 well ripe pears. The result was more juicy than soft but it was still good. Olivier adds “I also used a Greek yoghurt that I had around; that probably changes things”.

Olivier, I confirm! I’ve recently tried with a Turkish yoghurt (Greek/Turkish, we won’t fuss^^) and the texture was different, more creamy indeed. Note that I also had to cook it longer with this kind of yoghurt.
So, keep in mind for later: Greek/Turkish yoghurt + pears [increase the cooking time] = different texture!

And then, the « Magical bread » is mentioned, Olivier even named it “Ros'starmagiquepain” (which translation could be: “Ros'starmagicalbread”), thanks Olivier, that’s too much :p

Only one short description: “Just perfect”. There we go, I think it sums it up well :D

And for those who still hesitate to adventure themselves into the magical bread story, look at some of the realizations: here and here! Guaranteed success in a wink of an eye :)

A huge thanks Olivier for your share, it’s great to see!
And to all of you: don’t hesitate to send me photos and opinions about your realizations :)

See you very soon with new recipes!


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