You did it! #07

Tonight I can’t enter the kitchen! It’s the man of the house who is preparing dinner and I don’t have a clue about what he’s cooking. I’m looking forward to the result :D

So I take the opportunity to show you Olivier’s and Camille’s realizations. They both wanted to try the banana cake!

Ladies first! Camille has time to spare right know so she cooks a little and here is her banana cake version:

She tasted it right after it was cooked (impossible to wait, I totally get that ;)! It should be a bit more baked unfortunately (she has a bad oven too :s). So next time, it will be a muffin version including chocolate chunks or jam. Let me know Camille ;)

Let’s continue with Olivier who has already tested my Salmon, leeks and mozzarella lasagna recipe 15 days ago. He’s coming back today with a bunch of banana cakes ^^.

First try is with some chocolate chunks but the cake didn’t swallow enough. Damn!

I don’t know for you but I would still like to taste it ^^.

Anyway, we must make hay while the sun shines and because he got 2 bananas left, let’s do one more bake with a whole package of baking powder this time! So it was a small heart version with a bit of Nutella in the middle of the dough. Children were smitten :)

And finally for the 3rd bake, Olivier had the great idea to add on top of the cake, before the cooking, a melted mixture of dark chocolate and whipping cream! And everything slightly mixed. Miam :D

I leave you with those appetizing photos and I wish you a good weekend full of good dishes! And don’t hesitate to mail me your realizations :)


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