Frozen peas soup with fresh goat cheese & basil

I discovered this recipe thanks to my man! During one of the cold evenings this winter I see the bowl of soup coming my way. I think: “Hum, a good warm soup that is going to warm me up!”. But I was completely wrong^^, because when I took the bowl, I realized that it actually was a cold soup :D But I told myself “Oh that’s nice, it’s different!”, and when I tasted it “Oh my god, that is so good!”. First of all, you feel the taste of the peas, first time I ate them this way I think!, and then the taste buds feel the goat cheese flavor associated to the basil. Simply a real good pleasure for the palate.

Awesome color,
it’s a shame that the pictures don’t really show it!

I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t wait a long time until trying to cook it myself! This recipe is very very easy to follow and definitely very good! Here are the steps:
    • 400g frozen peas
    • 3 tbs fresh goat cheese
    • 4 tbs olive oil
    • 1 big tbs of frozen basil
    • 10 cl whipping cream
    • Salt & pepper

    The first step consists in rinsing the frozen peas under warm water, into a colander. No need to cook them!

    Then put the peas in your mixer and pour some cold water just to cover the peas. Then add all the other ingredients: the fresh goat cheese, olive oil, whipping cream, basil and salt & pepper. Just mix it until getting a nice creamy texture, like a velouté sauce.

    You can taste the soup at this step and add some salt and pepper if needed.

    For a perfect texture, sieve the soup in order to remove the small particles from the pea skin.

    And it’s done! Keep aside in the fridge until serving it.


    To be served cold then!
    Perfect for a starter, you can add a bit of whipping cream to this cold soup to make it nice :p

    To be accompanied with a slice of bread (from the magical bread recipe of course!) and fresh goat cheese if you want.


    Just one advice: don’t throw the pea smash that you get after sieving the soup! It is as good as the star of this recipe. Eat it warm, reheated into the microwave oven, with a soft-boiled egg. A nice way to continue to delight yourself with this recipe :)


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