Sesame seed biscuits

I told you that a few days ago in the Coconut milk,curry and carrots clafoutis article, I participate to my 2nd “tour en cuisine” this month! So I visited Pascale on her blog “Cuisiner avecses 5 sens” (in French) and one recipe (or several :p) attracted my attention, the Sesame seed biscuits one. At home, we love sesame! But I’m only used to have it in salty dishes. Tasting it in biscuits really tempted me! 

And, oh my god, this is so good!!! A biscuit that is not fat at all, perfect texture and this good sesame taste… really delicious :) Moreover the recipe is very easy to follow!

So, here is how that works:
    • 300g sesame seeds
    • 75g flour
    • 3 eggs
    • 3 tbs sunflower oil (rape oil in my case)
    • 100g sugar (or honey, but I don’t like honey :p)

    Let’s start by grilling sesame seeds in a frying pan, without any fat. It will reveal all the flavors (hmm, it smells so good!).

    Mix all the ingredients into a salad bowl (it’s just so easy!).

    Pour the dough on a baking tray covered by some parchment paper.


    Bake for 15 minutes first at 200°C (hmm, it smells even better now!).

    Cut some squares / rectangles while the dough is still malleable and bake again for 10 little minutes.

    Let cool down on a wire rack to keep biscuits crunchy.


    As Pascale says, use the back of a wet spoon to help you to spread the dough before the baking, it works very well!

    Keep an eye on the baking which will be very different from an oven to another. Twenty minutes were enough in my case.

    My only regret is to have prepared only 2/3 of the quantities, because I only tasted one piece! Some ‘gourmands’ were around ;)

    A huge thank to Pascale for this recipe that for sure will become a classic at home :)

    Hup, now I’m going to visit Nath to see what she chose on my blog :)


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