Banana cake and its Nutella heart

Well, I should tell you right know: I’m not a Valentine’s Day person! But when I saw Scarlet rose’s cake, I just couldn’t resist it! It wouldn’t go out of my head. I too had to try to make a cake with a beautiful heart inside.

I chose to prepare the banana cake I made when I baked my first Layer cake because the texture was great to “carve” it. And what is better than chocolate to go with banana? Right, Nutella maybe ;) Even if for me, nothing is better than dark chocolate!

Finally, it doesn’t take much time to prepare and I had fun when I carved the heart. I was looking forward to seeing the result! It could be nicer but for a first try, I’m pretty satisfied :)

Enough chit-chat now, here are the ingredients and the steps:

Pour cela, suivre cette recette et répartir la pâte dans deux petits moules de façon à avoir une hauteur suffisante pour creuser le cœur.

For the banana cake

For the Nutella heart
  • 3 or 4 tsp of Nutella (or even 5-6, when you like something, you don't think about the price)

To stick the two cakes
  • 1 ou 2 tsp of Philadelphia (or other kind of fresh cheese)
  • The banana half put aside

The day before, we prepare the two banana cakes:

To do it, follow this recipe and spread the batter in two small tins in order to get a cake high enough to carve the heart.

The day after, or after it had completely cooled down, we take care of the funniest part: the carving! Scarlet rose clearly explains how she has proceeded with toothpicks and string. I just used a small pot to give the basic shape.

Start by removing the rounded top from one cake: it will be the bottom of the cake.
And just remove the dark thin layer under the other cake: it will be the top of the cake.

After that, we take care of the bottom of the heart that we will carve into the bottom of the cake. We will form a V. Put on the centre of the cake a turned-over small pot (the kind of ones you may find in supermarket with some “crème dessert” in it). Use a small knife (paring knife for example) to form a V by turning the pot all around. Be careful to not pierce the cake, so don’t carve it too deeply!

Then, we carve the top of the heart in the top of the cake (are you still with me? ^^). We will form a rounded W. Put again a turned-over small pot on the cake and form a circle in the centre of the cake, still bevel it but not too deep. Then locate the central spot and form a W: go from the middle to the edges with you knife. And dig a bit more with a teaspoon to perfect the heart.

Here are some photos, I feel I lost you right? ^^

Then, we prepare the Nutella dough:

In a bowl, crumble with your finger the cake you have left (even some of the top you had remove if needed). Add a few teaspoonful of Nutella, mix everything well with a fork.

Fill the two parts of the heart by pressing well the dough down.

Now, we prepare a bit of batter which will stick the two cakes:

In another bowl, mash the half banana left and mix it with a bit of Philadelphia. Spread this batter with a teaspoon all over the cake (just the banana part). I felt like a painter at this moment ^^.

Stick the 2 parts and it’s done!

Keep aside in the fridge until eating it.


Well, I was really lazy this time ^^.

I could have cut all around the cake to make it beautiful, well smooth.

I could also have prepared a beautiful chocolate glazing (like the checker layer cake’s one, yummy!). But I especially wanted to try this heart! And it’s done now!


When I ate it, I found it a bit dry without any glazing (the Nutella heart that brings some smoothness is eaten too fast :p).

So I recommend you a Philadelphia & banana mixture that goes really well with this cake! Tried and approved ;)

Otherwise, a second option would be a glazing that you prepare at the last moment by melting a bit of chocolate (or Nutella) just before serving it. That is so good!

A big thanks to Scarlet rose for this good tip!

And do send me photos of your realisations if you try it :)


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