Banana-chocolate cream dessert, simply delicious!

Once upon a time a “Vegan Valkyrie” who was fond of good food & Nordic countries, and a pseudo-Swedish girl (me right) curious about vegetarianan cuisine (actually).
Once upon a time a recipe which made them knows each other. Some polite talks, some clicks -mouth- and clacks -keyboard- and it was the beginning of a nice culinary friendship.  

“Val’” is a strong fighter for animal, ecology and French language causes (don’t trust in her ‘Edith’ & Co :p). Each one of her recipes is a breath of air! Fresh, light, true, no way to read one of her articles without smiling (if not bursting out laughing – well right, you need to have the same type of humor :p). Anyway, we feel at home when we visit her blog :)

I had forgotten her first recipe that attracted me, a THE Chocolate-banana cream. And I made it, by any chance, a few days ago. Actually, ‘made 3 times in 10 days’ I should write! This shows you how this recipe is super-easy to make-deliciously good! 

So, finishing to flatter you Val’, I offer you some chocolate-banana cream now!

  • 2 bananas (organic ones please, otherwise Val’ won’t be happy – and she would be right)
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 100ml soya cream (for a vegan version, otherwise Val’ won’t be happy)
    Or other choices:
                 - 80g crème fraiche 15% fat
                 - 80g crème fraiche 30% fat
                 - 100ml whipping cream 35% fat (cf. my further advices)

    1. Melt chocolate and crème fraiche / whipping cream together until everything is melted (or not actually, it’s good with some little pieces!) and mix well
    2. Blend bananas with lemon juice until you get a smooth texture (or not actually, it’s good with some little pieces!)
    3. Mix everything together (into the chocolate pan, less dishes to clean as Val’ could say ;)
    4. Pour into small glass pots, cups or others
    5. Keep it to the cold!


      So as I told you, I have made this dessert 3 times in a short time, and 3 times with different types of cream:

      • With 100ml whipping cream 35% fat: very good! Chocolate is not too strong and the texture of the cream dessert is rather liquid.
      • With 80g crème fraiche 30% fat: very very good! A good chocolate taste and a rather thick texture, I love it!
      • With 80g crème fraiche 15% fat: very very very very very good! Still this good chocolate taste and a perfect texture – as a creamy texture (^^)! I love it, I like it, I drool over it!


        To eat well cool!

        A bit of whipped cream on top of it, made with a cream whipper. But frankly, it’s just to make it nicer, this chocolate-banana cream is so good by itself!

        To try as soon as possible! And have a look at Val’s blog [Be careful, full of cats and English mugs inside]!


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