Blueberry & apricot raw buckwheat porridge

I have received my chia seeds, yoohoo!! “What seeds”? Chia seeds! A very small seed full of omega 3 fatty acids! But don’t worry if you haven’t some in your cupboard, you can easily replace them or even not using them at all, there are already a lot of good things in this porridge!

Oh and hurry up, it seems it’s soon this end of apricot season.

To bring color and freshness, I’ve also added some frozen blueberries to my porridge.

Delicious result, a nice taste and color balance, it’s really pleasant to eat a lot of colors for breakfast ;)!

  • 50g buckwheat hulls (not grilled)
  • 15g almonds
  • 1 tbs chia seeds
  • 2 Deglet Nour dates
  • 1 tbs lemon juice
  • 50ml milk (the one you want)
  • 25g frozen blueberries
To accompany
  • 1 apricot
  • Few grated coconut (we lightly feel the taste, yummy!)

The day before, soak buckwheat hulls and almonds together into a lot of water.
The same day, rinse them well with clear water in order to remove the mucilage produced by the buckwheat.

Blend a first time: buckwheat, almond, chia seeds, dates and lemon juice.

Add: blueberries and milk and blend until you get the texture you want. Adjust the milk quantity (more liquid) or chia seed quantity (thicker) if needed.


Well, chia seeds are nice but if we don’t have, huh? I actually searched in Sweden, I haven’t found some … thanks Internet ;) Anyway, in that case, I would advise you to grind 1 tablespoonful of flaxseeds instead of chia seeds and then, follow the recipe as usual!

Otherwise, you can even do without them, the texture will probably just be less “airy”, but the taste should be the same :)

The nutritional info of the day...

… is about chia seeds of course! Nutritionally speaking, we could compare chia seed to flaxseed, which means: a lot of omega 3 fatty acids good for heart! But the advantage over flaxseed is that it’s not necessary to grind it to get its beneficial effects. Chia seeds are also easier to preserve because of their high antioxidant level.

The bonus: this seed can absorb up to 14 times its volume in water, so it brings a really nice texture to our meals! To use and to over use :)


Decorate your porridge the way you want :) With apricot pieces and a bit of grated coconut for me! I found that it was a perfect association, not a taste was stronger than another!

A glass of milk aside and here is a delicious breakfast :)


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