You did it! #17 – Special summer 2012

Autumn is definitely there, leaves fall, current fruits and vegetables are different from summer ones. So, good weather is definitely over and I think it’s the good moment to make a report of your ‘summer’ realizations :)

I have to say that you did a lot this summer! It really pleases me to know I was part of your cuisine moments. So to thank you, here is a “small” view of your delicious pictures into a special summer “You did it!”.

Big big success for the magical bread, as usual I would say (cf. the special “Magical bread”). But other recipes had also a great success!

So, here are the photos!

- Zucchini, spinaches and cocoa frozen smoothie - 
- the recipe here

"Basilic" for Lucie !

- Pépitos - 
- the recipe here

By Sophie (next time I'll be there, you make me some :D)

- A raw brownie… so good! -
- the recipe here

By Lucie

With some vanilla ice cream for Stéphanie

- The cheese cake! -
- the recipe here

By Teïta

- Coconut rocks - 
- the recipe here

Par Nouky :)

- Martha Stewart’s all chocolate cookies - 
- the recipe here

By Lala
By Monica

By Sabrina
By Monica (the same Monica :p)

- Yoghurt apple cake (with no butter, no oil) -
- the recipe here

Sabrina's version
By Vsk

- Smoked salmon surprise wrapper -

By Sabrina
By teïta

- Zucchini & red onion clafoutis -  

By Vsk

- Parmesan cheese and Espelette chili shortbread biscuits -

Teïta's nice flowers

- My chocolate fondant -
- the recipe here

By Anka
By Aurélie N.

- In this special summer, a special one for Stéphanie now:p -

- Mexican beansteaks -

- Creamy vegan dessert & its small fruits -

- Apple "far" -

- Homemade chocolate-nut spread - 

- Raw buckwheat porridge – with strawberries! - 

- Let's finish by the"Migical bread" serie! -

And Marie H, the sisters!
By Ludy

By Aurélie N., with nuts!
By Sylvie from "L'Univers de Sylvie"

By Emma
By Béné

Natural, cinnamon or
milk chocolate for Amandine
Vsk again!

By Alexana
Sof 's slices!

By Leelou
By Cathie

By Lala
who already tried it here

with poppy seeds!
David made a goat cheese
and camembert version!

"... and I add seeds too!!"
For Sabrina: "wholewheat flour
and/or spelt and rye flour... "

By Sofizz
By Linette

By POux
By Stéphanie

Here we are, I think we have seen everything, or almost :p
A huge thank to everyone! Those realizations touch me! Keep on it, delight yourself, delight me with your photos through mail or the way you can ;) And see you very very soon!!


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