Vegan dry tomato rillettes

Time to be serious now! “Pains aux raisins et cranberries”, hot-dogs, that’s nice but we’re not going to eat just that kind of food!

Yes, we have to think about cocktail hour too :D And for that, I will confide to you the express spread I love doing these days: some vegan dry tomato rillettes!

A nice fresh taste, salty taste … tomato taste, you guessed it ^^, and even a small summer taste!

This recipe is super easy and quick to make! And it’s moreover super tasty. So, everything is reunited to try it!

On your blender…, ready…, go!
  • 85g dry tomatoes kept in oil
  • 7 green olives (3-4 for a less salty version, but I prefer the more salty one :D)
  • 1 tbs lemon juice
  • 15g peeled zucchini (so about 1 thick slice)
  • 1 really thin slice of green apple

Put dry tomatoes (with oil stuck to them, it’s part of the game :p), stoned olives and lemon juice in the blender and mix well.

Add the diced zucchini to it and mix again to make the mixture smoother.

Pour the paste into a container and add the thin slice of apple thinly cut in the other way for a sure “rillette” effect!


Zucchini is optional but will lighten the spread.

You can also replace it by a teaspoonful of crème fraiche if you prefer, it’s just as good (tried and validated at home :).


On some good homemade bread, there is nothing better!

For a chic version for bow tie and spangled dress Saturday evenings, I propose to you some small rolls made of galettes/breads for burritos/fajitas/tacos (damn, I forgot my learning again, I will never make the difference between them, it’s dead!) spread with the rillettes and covered with a crunchy salad leave; all these steps before roll, cut and prick!

So, rustic or chic version, what do you prefer? :D


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