The cheese cake !

One week again since my last article… we got one extra hour in the Saturday to Sunday night but I wish I have one more everyday :p

Today I present to you my cheese cake recipe. I made this cheese cake last weekend for a Halloween party that we went to with our so kind hosts Daniel & Ash. Because Halloween is a celebration that is mostly influenced by the States and also because Daniel loves this cheese cake (most important reason I must say :p), I had to prepare it!

Don’t worry I don’t do 
my hair this way everyday ^^

I have to say that this cake is really really good! It is maybe not as stylish and visually appealing as the ones that we can find in shops (and full of gelatin by the way) but it’s so tasty! And moreover really easy to cook, it makes everybody happy :p

Before, I used to use some Ricotta for the fresh cheese ingredient but I tried with the Philadelphia that we find easily here and it’s even better!

Here is the ingredient list that you will need to prepare a cheese cake of 22 cm:
  • 250g of “Spéculoos” cookies (I use cinnamon cookies from the brand ANNAS, a delicious cookie dough each time for sure!)
  • 500g Philadelphia 12% fat content
  • 120g butter
  • 120g crème fraiche
  • 120g sugar
  • 1 packet of vanilla sugar
  • 2 eggs

The first step is to prepare the base of the cake

Melt the butter into your microwave oven. Then crumble the cinnamon cookies into a salad bowl. To do that I use a chopper that I pressed onto the cookies ^^.

Otherwise, a “softer” way would be to put them in a dishcloth and crush them with a rolling pin. You choose ;) However be careful to not make a powder of the cookies. Keep some small pieces that will bring some crunchiness to the tasting.

Then pour the melted butter onto the cookies and mix well to soak them with the butter.

Put a parchment paper on your plain round baking tin and pour the crumbled cookies. Press well with a tablespoon and bring some more cookies on the edges (to form like a cookie pastry).

Put aside in your fridge while you’re doing the next steps.

Into a salad bowl, we will mix all the ingredients left

First mix the Philadelphia and the eggs slightly whisked.

Add the cream and the sugars and then mix everything together.

Pour the liquid mixture on the “cookies pastry” and slick it.


Bake the cheese cake for 45 minutes at 180°C. After this time, let it into the oven switched off during 30 minutes to let it cool down gradually. This way we avoid getting cracks on top of the cake.

Put aside at least 3H hours in your fridge.


This cheese cake is a bit like my chocolate fondant: I have no idea of how many times I made it. And it’s always a success! If you hesitate to try to cook one, don’t!  :)

First advice: bake it the day before to taste it well cool.

Another tip about the fresh cheese: take the 12% fat content Philadelphia. I tried with the classic one but the texture is really less light. Otherwise, Ricotta or some king of cottage cheese will be good too :)

About the cookies: I chose cinnamon cookies because of the light caramel taste that we get after the cooking and I really love it even if I don’t like cinnamon spice so much (neither caramel ^^). However, you can use the cookies that you prefer: cookies with chocolate chunks, “Petits Beurres” biscuits, etc.


One more thing that will please your taste buds: serve with a raspberry or a blackcurrant well cooled coulis. Red fruits go very well with this cheese cake :)

Enjoy it!
And I don’t forget people who prefer salted dishes, I hope I will find a good recipe for you next time ;)

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