You did it! #09

Here is a special article for the “You did it!” section. This is because since I published the magical bread recipe about one month ago (recipe available here), and it is at least 20 persons who have already tried it! What a success! I must say that it’s so easy to make and so good to eat. I even became addicted to it: at least one bake each week! Please note that you can freeze it, really useful!

Let’s start with Toutianoc who sent me by email her photos and impressions, thanks for this kind gesture :)

“Thank you for this so very easy recipe.
The bread is very good, it’s just that I should have baked it a bit more, but for a first trial, I’m really glad and all the family is too, by the way.”

Then, between my food reporter friends and my Swedish friends, here is an extract of some realizations :)

The baguettes of Maya who
had already tried Laura’s bread!
The beautiful round bread of Paskale

The ball made by Fabienne
The ball made by Turbulette

The interior of the bread of
Cigi which is well honeycombed
Caro's version

Aida, 2nd bake better according to her :p
Aida, 1st bake ;)

Stéph who has adopted it!
Find also the recipe
on her blog
Stéph, 1st try !

A beautiful chunk of bread for Vic!
3 small portions for Soso!

I like to see all the different kinds of results; by using the same recipe we can get a lot of different results, each more appetizing than the other, I love it!

Finally, here are the “flavored” versions of Clo, Slimlolo, Valérie. And I was also able to try a poppy version thanks to our friends who came to visit us last weekend. I couldn’t have gotten those small seeds without them! Thank you guys! :)
Slimlolo's thyme bread
Olive breads of Clo

My poppy version!
The thyme & rosemary bread which 
filled the kitchen of Valérie :)

For those who are now decided to try, here is the recipe again!

Enjoy and see you soon :)


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