Butter-free brioche for a nice aperitif

I don’t know about you but for me, when I hear « Butter-free brioche », I am instantly intrigued! And I need to try all that I find intriguing about cooking :D That’s why I adventured myself in this butter-free brioche recipe, written by Christophe Michalak. The secret of this recipe: olive oil! If you don’t like olive oil, like me, don’t run away, I assure you right now, you won’t feel the taste of it at all!

Those little brioches are soft and just the way they should be, they are less fatty and they go very well with everything! And here’s the proof: after having tried them with all the sweet spreads I could find in my fridge and cupboards, I made 2 bakes for a salty aperitif. And I think those little mouthfuls were appreciated :)

And you know what else? It’s super easy to make! I have as usual modified a bit the recipe to make it easier: no need to knead the dough, you keep your hands clean, you just need to quickly use your mixer and let it rest. Here is how I made it, by following the recipe on Marcotte’s website (in French):

    • 190g flour (T45 in my case, the classic one used for cakes, T55 in the original recipe)
    • 4g salt
    • 30g sugar
    • 10g yeast
    • 130g milk (semi-skimmed in my case, full-cream in the original recipe)
    • 35g olive oil
    • 1 yolk
    • Sesame & poppy seeds (optional)

    For the cheese version
    • A bit of salted butter
    • Some slices of Edam

    For the smoked salmon version
    • Some Philadelphia (or another kind of fresh cheese)
    • Some slices of smoked salmon

    In your blender, pour the flour, the salt and the sugar roughly mixed.
    Into a container, stir the yeast in the slightly warm milk. Pour this mixture on the dry one in your blender.

    Mix quickly to incorporate everything. Add the olive oil and mix again the dough that will be very sticky! The recipe I followed tells to mix for 2 minutes. I think I mixed for about 15 seconds tops ^^.

    Then, use 2 tablespoons to make some small heaps of dough on a baking tray covered by some parchment paper. Let it rest for 1h30 – 2h under a dish cloth.

    After the resting time, mix the yolk with a little bit of water and brush the small swallowed brioches with this mixture. Then you can sprinkle some sesame or poppy seeds to them if you want.


    Bake for about 15 minutes at 180°C.


    Marcotte’s recipe says to let the dough swallow for 1h, put it down, put it aside for 1h in the fridge and then let it swallow again for 1h at room temperature. I tried this way but I think that the brioches were less soft than by letting it rest just once for a longer time (and without a break in the fridge). Easier and better according to me then :)

    We are even advised to try with some other oils (truffle or nut oil for example) or even with some lemon juice. I think that will be my next try!


    When the small brioches are baked and cooled down, cut them in half (not completely if it’s possible, it’s nicer ;), spread some Philadelphia onto it and put a bit of smoked salmon.  

    Make another version by spreading some salty butter and putting a small slice of Edam.

    And serve for a nice aperitif with friends :)

    Some ideas for the garnishing? I think I will try with some tomatoes and sweet peppers marinated next time! What do you think about it?


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