Orange & chocolate Pim’s

Pim’s and I - it’s a big love story! One packet for a snack didn’t scare me when I was little. A soft biscuit, a nice layer of melting jam and a crunchy dark chocolate … what more do you want? Of course, I’m talking about orange-chocolate Pim’s! Orange is THE flavour which perfectly goes with dark chocolate (and I wouldn’t accept any other opinion :p).

As time goes by, we grow up and we tell ourselves that we may have to stop eating Pim’s everyday ;) And one day, we stumble upon this recipe from Margaret (in French) and at this moment, we tell ourselves “Oh my god, I have to try this!”.

So today, it’s an orange-chocolate Pim’s recipe that I’m going to present to you. A big Pim’s version but you can of course make several small ones (which I actually advise you to do).

Hup, let’s do it!

For the sponge cake part
  • 2 eggs
  • 30g flour
  • 30g maïzena
  • 60g sugar
  • ½ packet of baking powder (or about 5-6g)

For the jam layer
  • 200g orange jam
  • 1 packet of agar-agar (or 2g)

For the cover
  • 120g dark chocolate

Let’s start by taking care of the sponge cake:

Prepare a double-boiler by placing a salad bowl on a pan containing slightly boiling water. In the bowl, whisk energetically eggs and sugar to increase the volume of your batter until it forms a kind of ribbon. This step can take some time but it’s worth it ;) And if you’re feeling lazy, you still can use an electric whisk!

Get the bowl out of the heat and continue to mix until it gets colder.

Mix flour, baking powder and maïzena in another container. Use a spatula to stir the dry mixture in the batter.

Oil and flour a baking tin (or put a baking sheet on it) and pour the dough in it. If you want to make some individual biscuits, pour a bit of dough in some muffin tins or some small tart ones.

Bake for 10-12 minutes at 160°C.

During the baking of the sponge cake, we prepare the jam layer. Nothing is simpler:

Boil the jam in a pan, spread the agar-agar powder, mix well and let boil for 2 little minutes again.

Then quickly spread the “jam” you got on some parchment paper. You must form a circle of the same size as the sponge cake’s (otherwise into some individual tins).

Put aside in the freezer for about 30 minutes to harden (it will be quicker for smaller tins).

And then, we finish by assembling everything and set the finishing touch!

When the jam layer is hard enough, melt gently the chocolate in a double-boiler (or by using the microwave oven, in sessions of a few seconds).

Remove the sponge cake from the tin and put the jam layer on it. When the chocolate is melted and slightly colder, cover the entire surface of the cake with it and don’t forget the edges.


If you don’t have any springform pan, I would advice you to use some parchment paper to help you remove the cake.

Don’t over cook the sponge cake to keep it well soft!

This “big Pim’s” try was a bit too “big” ^^ (26cm diameter). The sponge cake and the jam layer were spread a bit too much and were too thin. The sponge cake wasn’t as soft as it should be. So rather choose individual small tins or use a tin smaller than mine (maybe one of 20cm diameter)!


By itself, accompanied with a good clementine or a hot drink in this cold winter episode, you will enjoy yourself :)

I wouldn’t have had the idea to make those delicious biscuits by myself, so a big thanks to Margaret for her recipe!

I leave you with some photos from my “individual biscuit” try and see you very soon (probably with other flavours, let’s be crazy and unfaithful to orange-chocolate association ;)!


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