Chocolate truffles

Already nostalgic for good sweet things which you had for Christmas ;)? No! Chocolate truffles can be served all the yearlong! This great taste of dark chocolate and the thin cacao powder all around it, so good. When you start to eat it, it’s really difficult to stop :D And if it’s homemade … there is just no way to resist it!

The recipe I used comes from Marmiton (in French). Two ways of making chocolate truffles are presented: one with cream, another one with butter. I prefer the last one, which I’m going to show you right now!

For about 20 truffles, make sure you have:
    • 120g dark chocolate
    • 60g butter
    • 2 yolks
    • 60g icing sugar
    • 2 packets of vanilla sugar (or about 15g)
    • Some bitter cacao powder (or any powder / garnishment to cover the truffles)

    Start by slowly melting the chocolate with the butter in a pan until having the mixture well melted. Mix well to get a smooth mixture.

    Pour this chocolate dough in a salad bowl and add the sugar and the vanilla sugar to it. Mix everything, add the 2 yolks and mix again. You will get a beautiful smooth batter.

    Put it aside for about 1H into the fridge, just the time for it to harden. After the resting time you would be able to handle it and form the truffles!

    Pour some cacao powder into a container (and do the same with some small sweet stars if you want ;).

    With a spoon, take a bit of chocolate dough and roll it into the palm of your hands to form some small well round balls. Roll them into the cacao powder to cover the whole surface and put the truffles in some small boxes.

    Continue until there’s no more dough left and keep those little wonders in the fridge!


    If you don’t have any icing sugar at home, you can mix some classic white sugar into your blender and you will get some icing sugar!

    Once again, remember keeping the egg whites to make some meringues or coconut rocks ;)

    Truffles contain raw yolks so eat them quickly! But I won’t worry about that :D

    Enjoy it and see you very soon!


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