Yoghurt pastry

I had already heard that we can make a short pastry with some kind of cottage cheese (or “fromage blanc” in French). But in my fridge, there was only yoghurt and I wanted to try something new. This is how I discovered the French blog “Chez Cathytutu” and more particularly the light yoghurt short pastry recipe

I follow the recipe word for word (or almost ;):
  • 150g flour
  • 40g yoghurt
  • 1 egg
  • Salt (or sugar if you want a sweet pastry)
Mix flour and salt together. Add the yoghurt and the egg. Mix everything until the mix becomes a ball:

Next, I reserved the dough 45 min in the fridge just because I didn’t have more time. Then, I spread out the pastry on a pie tin. If you can leave the dough more than 45 minutes in the fridge, you should do it. It will be easier to spread it out. You should also use some parchment paper or a silicone pie tin because it ended up sticking so much to my classic pie tin. I was tricked because I usually make pastry with some butter ;)

Garnish the way you like!


Put in a warn oven (to 180°C) for about 45 min.


This pastry is really amazing! We loved its crunchy aspect, it was like a thin bread crust. You really should try it if you like eating salty pie and if you want to taste something different.

Feel free to put some herbs into it. “Cathytutu” suggests you to put some baking powder on the dough. In that case, the pastry will be smoother.  

Here is the special note:

That’s really difficult for me to translate my French recipes in English. I’m often not sure of the terms to use; for example the difference between “pastry”, “crust pastry”, “shortcrust pastry” or even “dough” sometimes. So please feel free to tell me about mistakes you notice, it will help me to improve my blog and my English in general. Thanks a lot!


Version française disponible ici !

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