« Pépitos » or « Swiss bread »

As I explained you in a previous topic, I recently arrived in Sweden and I noticed a big problem: no way to buy “Pépitos” here!
According to me, “Pépito” is the perfect Viennese pastry. If I have a choice to make, I will take this Viennese pastry nine times out of ten. The only solution was then to try to cook them myself! I never tried to cook some Viennese pastries, so that was a big challenge for me. And as if was not already challenging enough I don’t have a food processor to give me a hand. But I ain't scared of nothing :D


On the Internet, each recipe is different from the other! That doesn’t help me. So I tried to make up my own recipe by taking some little bits of information here and there. Now I’m going to give you details of the steps I followed!

For 5-6 « Pépitos », you will need:

For the dough
  • 10g yeast
  • 100ml slightly warm milk
  • 45g sugar
  • 7-8g vanilla sugar
  • 45g softened butter in pieces
  • 1 egg
  • 300g flour
  • ½ tsp salt

For the fresh custard 

Follow this recipe 
(or use about 300g of ready-made fresh custard)

For the dressing
  • 100g chocolate chips

For the finishing touch
  • Sugar mixed with some milk
  • 25ml water
  • 25g sugar

How to cook the dough:

Mix the yeast with the slightly warm milk then add the sugar and the vanilla sugar and mix again.
In a bowl, mix the flour and the salt. Add the milk mix and mix everything together. Whisk the egg and mix it with the dough.
Put the pieces of butter on top of the dough, blend them into the dough and knead with your hands. It’s time to use your muscles!

In a big enough bowl, or on a cutting board, knead the dough during 5 minutes. It will become less and less sticky. Then, “hit” the dough during 10 minutes. By “hit” I mean: take a part of the dough and energetically throw it back to the board. That will activate the yeast and you will get a smooth Viennese pastry!

Make a ball and let the dough rise for 45 minutes in the bowl covered with a dishcloth.

In the meantime, cook the fresh custard.

Keep the fresh custard you just made in the fridge. If you prefer, you can use ready-made fresh custard but that inevitably will be less tasty ;)

When the dough has rested and slightly rose up, spread it out to form a big rectangle (4-5 mm thick or about a fifth of an inch). Put the rectangle you made on the fridge for 15 minutes, it will be easier to handle.

Stir the fresh custard which should be cold by now. Pour it on one half of the rectangle. Cut the chocolate into chips and put them on the fresh custard:

Fold the dough on the chocolate chips:

Slightly press the dough with a rolling-pin to make the two halves stick together. Then cut the rectangle to form the Pépitos:

Let the Pépitos rise up at least 1H under a dishcloth.

In the meantime, prepare the syrup with 25ml of water and 25g of sugar. Boil the water and sugar mix over medium heat. Let the syrup cool down in the pan at room-temperature.


Pre-heat the oven to 180°C. Then brush the top of the Pépitos with some sugar mixed with some milk. Bake the Pépitos for 10-15 minutes (depending on your oven) until they are cooked.

Topping: As soon as you get the Pépitos out of the oven, put the syrup you made before on top of them. Then let it cool down (wait a bit before eating them ;)


I followed this recipe 2 times now! I would recommend you to put a generous dose of sugar into the milk you use for the topping. That will help you to get a beautiful colour.
Be careful with the cooking! The dough must not be too dry and the middle must remain creamy so keep an eye on it.
You can keep the Pépitos one night on the fridge and cook them the morning after. You also should be able to freeze them and reheat them at the last moment!


You can eat Pépitos whenever you want :D. But according to me, the best is for breakfast with a hot drink and/or a good fruit juice.

They can be eaten at room-temperature or slightly warm (after the cook or gently reheated in the oven).

And you’re done! You can now enjoy it thoroughly!


Version française disponible ici !

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