Meringues? Not really…

I don’t like meringues! According to me, this is like eating a sugar lump: it’s tough and too sweet. Good comparison isn’t it? ^^
However, I had 2 whites left and I wanted to try to cook meringues: at worst, I would just lose some sugar. 

Armed with my keyboard, I found this recipe (in French) on « Meringue pour les nuls », which means « Meringues for dummies ». I had never tried to make some so, that was perfect for me!

To get a dozen of small meringues, you will just need:
  • 2 whites
  • 125g sugar
  • A pinch of salt
I swap my keyboard for my electric whisk and let’s go!

In a bowl, add some salt to the whites. Start to whisk the whites and add sugar little by little while you’re still whisking.

It is said in the original recipe that you have to whisk until the whites become stiff. After that, you should make some small heaps with the mix on a baking tray. I didn’t manage to get stiff whites … obviously because I started to add the sugar too early. It doesn’t matter! Because my whites are too liquid to make heaps, I’m going to use muffin tins to be sure that the mix won’t spread. We will see after the baking ^^.


Here is a new problem: the original recipe says to cook meringues for 1 hour at 120°C, however my oven is quite old and can’t go below150°C. So I decide to cook my meringues for 45 minutes at 150°C.

When the cooking is done, let it cool down before turning the meringues out of the muffin tins. 


Still without conviction, I try to taste one and then, this is magic, the meringue is tasty! The middle is smooth and the crust is thin. It has nothing to do with the sugar lump in my memory!

A good surprise then! Thanks to Celia_3 for her recipe :)

You should eat these meringues to accompany a tea or with a chocolate cream for dessert, as you wish :) Let me know if you liked it! 


Version française disponible ici !
English version available here! Version française disponible ici !

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