Coconut rocks

This weekend I suddenly wanted to eat some coconut! And since we went out this Saturday evening I thought that our host would also enjoy what I wanted to cook: some Coconut rocks (also called “Coconut cakes”).

They are not only delicious, they are also extremely quick to prepare and just a couple of ingredients are necessary! One bigger advantage: this is lactose free! So people who are intolerant to this carbohydrate (thanks Wikipedia^^) would be able to taste those small melting mouthfuls :)

For a bit more than a dozen of rocks, count:
    • 2 whites
    • 50g sugar
    • 125g coconut
    • Some square of chocolate cut in two (optional)

    Into a salad bowl, mix all the ingredients (except the chocolate): whites, sugar and coconut; until everything is well mixed.

    Now you have to use your hands! Take a small handful of the mixture and form, with the palms of your hands, a ball dense enough.
    You can give the shape that you want, this time would be 4 small balls and 3 “sushis” ^^:

    For a version with a chocolate heart, take a bit of the mixture, press it in the palm of your hand, put a chunk of chocolate in the middle and close it with a bit more of the mixture. Well stick everything together.

    Put the rocks onto a baking trail covered with some parchment paper.


    Bake those small cakes into your oven preheated to 150°C. They will be cooked when they have a beautiful brown color – about 25 minutes in my case.


    You can keep those cakes a few days into a hermetic box. For the chocolate heart version, I advise you to eat them rather quickly to keep the chocolate melting, so good :)


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