Smoked salmon soft-boiled egg

After the brioche and its spin-offs (do not miss the French brioche recipe!), it’s time to have something lighter :p So today I’m presenting to you a dish that I called “Smoked salmon soft-boiled egg”.

As a pescetarian, it’s important for me to find good ideas of how to add protein into my daily diet. That’s why sometimes I make soft-boiled eggs. Several pros: first, I can have a runny yolk without having to go for the fat abundant version of fried eggs. Moreover, it’s easier to cook than a poached egg, it’s perfect! And what a pleasure to cut a soft-boiled egg and see the yolk running.  

And to take it a bit further, I thought that hiding the egg into some smoked salmon would make for a nice combination and an even more fun way of cutting through it ^^.

So, for a light salad you will need:
  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice of smoked salmon (or several small ones)
  • Some green salad
  • Some raw vegetables that you like (tomato, grated carrots, etc.)
  • Some vinaigrette if you want (it depends on the day for me :p, usually I think that the yolk is enough)
  • Some herbs, condiments or others: capers, sesame seeds, etc.

We start by cooking the egg, which is really easy:

Boil some water with some sea salt. When you get to the boiling point, take out the egg from the fridge and cook it for 6 minutes into the boiling water.

In the meantime, prepare the plates:

Place the green salad, the raw vegetables, the vinaigrette and leave a room in the middle for the star of this recipe ;)

Then, the trickiest part, the peeling:

When the egg is cooked, put it for a few moments in cold water, to first stop the cooking and then to be able to touch it in order to peel it. So now don’t do as I did the first time, don’t forget that you don’t have a hard-boiled egg in your hands ^^. So hit it gently against a hard surface to chap the shell and remove it.

Finally, put the smoked salmon around the egg and place it in the middle of the plate. Spread out some capers and sesame seeds and it’s done!


A cooking time of 6 minutes has always worked for me! But it may depend on the size of the egg so maybe you will have to add or remove a few seconds.

The trickiest part is the peeling, so when you hold the egg don’t forget that it’s fragile, and everything will be fine :p

Another tip: the first time I prepared this dish I used small slices of smoked salmon and it looked more beautiful. The salmon stuck to the egg so the round shape of the egg was kept.


And finally the best moment came! You can cut into the “smoked salmon soft-boiled egg” and enjoy the result :p

Have a good meal!


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