Magical bread

This recipe is almost irritating because it’s so easy and the result is so good! How did I live so long without it!

When I tried William and Laura’s recipes, I found Laura’s recipe to be quicker so I went for it. Only one slight drawback: the recipe contains milk. And I would really like to avoid it. So I tried a mix between William’s recipe and Laura’s. And the result is for sure awesome! The interior of the bread is lighter, fluffier and the crust is perfect.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer, here is the recipe (really similar to Laura’s bread recipe) for 2 breads:
    • 375g classic flour (the one you use for cakes)
    • 1 big tsp salt
    • 12g yeast
    • 300ml slightly warm water

    Into a bowl, dilute the yeast in the slightly warm water. Pour flour on top of it and salt and then with a tablespoon (your hands won’t get dirty this way!) roughly mix until incorporating all the ingredients. The dough really looks like Laura’s bread recipe but slightly more liquid.

    Sprinkle the dough with some flour, cover with a dishcloth and let rise for 1H30.

    After this resting time, the dough has doubled or even tripled. Put enough flour onto a baking sheet and pour the dough onto it. It will be very “spongy”, that’s ok!

    Sprinkle again the dough with some flour and cut the dough in two pieces (or more) with a spatula. Then you can form your breads.


    Preheat the oven to 240°C; put a drip pan full of water on the bottom of the oven.
    Bake the breads for 25-30 minutes.


    At half the cooking time, add some water into the drip pan if needed.
    To know if the bread is cooked, hit its bottom and you will get a hollow sound if it’s done. Be careful, it’s hot!^^. 

    Edit [March 25th 2014] : the bread rises super well with frozen fresh yeast! Put in the freezer, by pieces of 12g (or more, or less, dependaing on how much bread you want), you just need to defrost it at room temperature, directly into the bowl (it's fast), before resuming the recipe. Nice discovery! 


    As soon as I cut it, I was amazed! The interior of the bread is well honeycombed and seemed really soft. And when I tasted it, everything was confirmed: the interior of the bread was light, the crust was thin, just perfect.

    You can have it with everything! Sandwich, toast, for breakfast, you will enjoy it :)

    Bread lovers, you definitely have to try this recipe! I won’t be able to live without it now :p

    A thought for my heart bro’, huge fan of good bread and who must miss it right now ^^


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