William’s bread VS Laura’s bread

If you were ever in doubt, just like I was, that it was possible to make awesome bread at home, by yourself and with everyday life ingredients, well this article is made for you!

After one first not really conclusive try: 15 minutes of kneading by hand to get a hard packed interior of the bread and a thick crust, William's recipe and Laura's recipe both stimulated me to try again!

First I started to follow William’s recipe, my Food Reporter friend who already convinced me to make “croissants” and “pains au chocolat”.

William's bread

And in the same breath, after devouring “his” bread during one meal, I tried Laura’s recipe!

Laura's bread

Both recipes were really convincing. You can see them here William’s one) and there (Laura’s one).

Here are two great bread recipes really easy to make! The taste is quite the same for both: awesome :p
I also didn’t notice big differences about the bread texture.

Hard to make a choice! Laura’s recipe has the big advantage to be really quick (you have to rest at least 4H the dough in the fridge for William’s one). On the other hand, I like the ingredients that William uses in his recipe: only flour, salt, yeast and water.

Now I just have to try to mix the two recipes: William’s ingredients with Laura’s technique ^^.


Of course, I would advise you to have a small part of bread when it’s still warm :p

Then, whether it would be to make a sandwich, to spread something on it, to dip into boiled egg, toasted or just by itself, everything is good!

Enjoy everybody!


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