Salmon tart in pizza-style

No, don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you! I’m still cooking some “good :p” meals! But between the English translation of my last article about “croissants” and “pains au chocolat”, the visit of our guest this weekend, the new bike I repaired and my Swedish courses, it’s not easy to keep the ball rolling on all fields! 

This week, I wanted to try again the good yoghurt pastry I made this summer. But this time, I wanted to add some spices in it! Mixed with a craving for salmon that doesn’t want to go away, here is the nice “tart in pizza-style” I made:

To be able to make this dish, you will need to start by making the yoghurt pastry. Therefore, follow the recipe available here by mixing to the flour: some paprika and some Espelette (red hot pepper from France but you can also put another kind of red hot pepper :).

Then you will just need:
    • Some tomato sauce (in can this time)
    • 250g mozzarella
    • 1 big tomato or 2 small ones
    • 1 salmon steak
    • Some oregano

      You can start by browning the salmon in a hot oiled frying pan. Cooking the salmon steak right now will make it colder enough later so you can handle it without burning yourself.

      Browning the salmon on one side is enough. Moreover, you don’t have to completely cook it, you just want to get a nice color. The cooking will be completed in the oven.

      Put aside the salmon steak on paper towels in a plate.

      When the pastry is rolled out, put some (one layer of) tomato sauce on it.

      What a beautiful color, isn't it ?

      Add slices of mozzarella and the ones of tomatoes.

      Complete by spreading salmon pieces and by sprinkling some oregano.


      This pastry is very thin and the tart doesn’t have many ingredients on it, so you can cook the tart in an oven preheat to 180°C during 20 minutes, it will be enough!


      Now, you just need to cut the tart and serve it with a cool green salad!

      Let’s enjoy the thinness and the crunchiness of this deliciously paprika & Espelette pastry.

      I can’t wait to make it again :p

      A huge thanks Ada for your help :)


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