Zucchini, spinaches and cocoa frozen smoothie

Or the “gourmand” part of my breakfast!

The pickle pot has been stronger than my right hand … damn! But don’t worry, it’s all right :) However, I am handicapped to cook these days. So, I blend! And I blend everyday! Two weeks ago, I discovered Hélène’s recipe and I must admit I let my usually breakfast cereals aside since (but I haven’t forgotten them <3).

Only one problem with this smoothie: banana. I like banana but a small quantity of it. Hard to believe according to the bunch of recipes containing banana I suggest you, right? But that is because I often cook to please others – often one specific other ^^. Whatever, I like the taste – if it’s not too sweet – but my stomach is not really fond of it. It means that a whole banana for breakfast, moreover a ripe one, I can’t :/

Over the days so, I tried different proportions, different ingredients and those last mornings, my taste buds and my belly were both happy! I even tried this smoothie without banana but even for me who usually don’t add a lot of sugar (actually almost never add sugar), I still missed something.

So, here are the perfect proportions according to me, about taste / texture and which fit a big (IKEA ^^) glass:
  • 100g zucchini cleaned, peeled, diced and frozen
  • 30g banana cut and frozen (or about ¼ of a banana)
  • 1 big tbs bitter cacao powder
  • 150ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 1 big handful of fresh spinaches, rinsed
  • 2 ou 3 prunes (optional – it brings some sugar too)

Everything in the blender!

And we blend, and we blend!
And it’s done!


Don’t hesitate to remove zucchini pieces from your freezer a bit before blending them to soften them. Or you can even blend a first time, let it rest for 2-3 minutes and blend again in order to get a more smooth and more liquid texture.

The nutritional info of the day! ...

spinaches, to become as strong as Popeye! Well, right, that doesn’t really work but there are still good things in spinaches:
  • Antioxidants: to get rid of free radicals in your body
  • Chlorophyll: which could inhibit the growth of cancerous cells (‘could’!)
  • Glycolipid: which could have an anti cancerous effect and some anti inflammatory properties (‘could have’!)

Which is sure, is that raw spinach is a good source of vitamin A (strongly antioxidant) and B9 (extremely important vitamin in pregnancy period for the foetus construction) and also an excellent source of vitamin K (which takes part to the blood coagulation and bone construction).

Concerning iron, there is some in it, that’s right! But you need to eat a lot of spinaches for it benefits you ;)


Well, I warn you, this smoothie doesn’t suit to everybody (to people that really like banana for example, if you see what I mean …). But it suits me so much! I love this cacao taste and it’s a real pleasure to drink this smoothie well cool (especially in summer!), which we know is light and full of vitamins!

To drink without moderation :)


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