Apple & raspberry crumble

Last weekend we had a guest coming from Paris! A walk in Malmö despite the weather which was quite bad, a Carcassonne game and some good meals, here is a good way to sum up a good weekend :)

For dessert Saturday evening, I had a choice between a crumble and a chocolate cake. Crumble won the game! Too bad, you will have to wait a bit until knowing my top secret awesome chocolate cake recipe which is moreover very quick to make!

So I’m going to present you an apple & raspberry crumble recipe. And of course, you can change the fruits to your heart’s desire!

For 6 persons:
    • 150g flour
    • 125g room-temperature butter
    • 150g sugar
    • 800g fruits in total: apples and raspberries mixed
    • A bit of lemon juice

      Start with the crumble:

      Mix the flour and the sugar into a salad bowl. Add the soft butter and “knead” with your fingers until getting a sandy texture. Put aside in the fridge.

      Then peel and dice the apples. Into a salad bowl, mix them with the raspberries and pour some lemon juice to avoid darkening the apples. Put the fruits into an oven plate.

      Finally, spread the crumble on top of them.


      Bake 30 minutes in your oven preheated to 210°C.


      Now, we can enjoy it :D

      I served the crumble still warm with some whipped cream made with my cream whipper. To increase the warm/hot contrast, it will be perfect with one vanilla ice cream scoop! Otherwise, it’s very tasty by itself ;) You will get a quick beautiful presentation if you set the crumble into a small casserole dish.


      I didn’t use 800g of fruits this time so I got some crumble pastry left (that you can keep several days in the fridge by the way, or even more into the freezer). So I took the opportunity to try the apple & plum crumble. So tasty! With some lemon juice again which increase the sharpness of the fruits, I enjoyed it so much. I really advice you to try this fruits combination if you like them.

      One last tip, don’t burn yourself! I always have a go at myself like that ^^



      1. I and my family are very fond of apple raspberry crumble, but till date I couldn’t find a good recipe. But now I am sure with your recipe I am finally going to bring back those smile of my children back soon.

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        1. I'm glad you like the recipe! Hope you'll like the result :D Let me know!