Salmon, leeks and mozzarella lasagna

The 23rd of September was the gastronomy festival in France! For the occasion we’re going to have some lasagna! Hum, I missed it … this is more of an Italian dish. Anyway this is still good ;)

When I went grocery shopping this week, I was tempted by the first leeks of the season. That was maybe a bit too early but they were still very tasty! I wanted to combine them with some mozzarella and some salmon for this lasagna recipe.

Here is the recipe for about 3 persons:
    • 1 salmon steak
    • 3 leeks
    • 100g mozzarella
    • Some lasagna pasta (5 or 6)
      For the sauce
        • 500ml milk
        • 2tbs maïzena
        • Salt, pepper, nutmeg

          Start by preparing the leeks: remove the first leaves and keep the hearts that you’re going to slice. Rinse them.

          Heat a frying pan with some olive oil and sweat the leeks over a low heat for about 15 minutes. Salt and pepper it.

          In the meantime, prepare the sauce: boil the milk in a pan. Then add the maïzena over a low heat and mix until getting a texture that is thick enough. Add some salt, pepper and some just grated nutmeg.

          Thinly slice the salmon steak.

          First layer
          Finally, put the ingredients together in an oven plate:
            1. Start with a first thin layer of sauce.
            2. Add some lasagna pasta to cover the entire bottom of the dish.
            3. Put one third of leeks onto the pasta.
            4. Spread one third of the salmon steak onto the leeks.

              Do those 4 last steps twice again.

              Complete with some sauce and spread the mozzarella slices. 

              TIPS AND TRICKS

              I didn’t have a lot of sauce as you can see in the pictures! So I added some cream. However, I doubled the quantities of the ingredients for the sauce in the article so you won’t have any problem :)

              You can also add one more salmon steak if you want more fish. I will next time!


              I cooked my lasagna for 35 minutes on my oven preheated to 180°C. I advise you to check the cooking from 20 minutes.


              Nothing is better than some green salad to accompany that lasagna. For my taste, this is awesome with a bit of lemon juice!

              Enjoy your meal everybody and enjoy the gastronomy festival by discovering some good restaurants :)

              See you soon,


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