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I already mentioned Food Reporter, when I wrote the article about Julia’s magic cake. I promised you more details about what exactly is Food Reporter: a promise made is a promise kept!

About 6 months ago, thanks to, I stumbled upon an application called “Food reporter”. Attractive description: be able to share some culinary achievements with other people crazy about good meals. It was a perfect application for me who often took pictures of my courses :)

However, I wasn’t ready for the craziness that followed. The community turned out to be awesome and the concept designers very available. They even organize dinners out every month. I also got caught up in the “restaurant” part of the application where anybody can evaluate the course they have eaten.

In practical terms, how does that work?
When your course is ready or even after you’ve started it (yeah, we are so fond of good food sometimes 8-), take a picture of it and put the picture on the application or on the web site. Then, every “Food Reporter” can “yummy” your course and comment on it.

Some beautiful exchanges between people, some good ideas, some good recipes and above all meeting some amazing people, that’s how I could sum up this great application. Because right now, I’m living as a “Food reporter”, I’m sleeping as a “Food reporter”, anyway, I am a Food reporter ^^.

Right now, I can’t publish articles on my blog as much as I would like to… but to show you that I’m still cooking a bit every day, here is some of my courses which are the most “yummied” on FR:

One big thanks to Cyril, John, Marc, Odelia and Olivier for their kindness and their availability :) and see you soon on Food Reporter!


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