You did it! #11

One more success for the “magical” bread!

Ginie caused me great pleasure by sending me some photos of her realization, accompanied by commentaries!

Ginie considers herself to be “somebody that doesn’t really like to cook, not very talented”, but she needed to keep her hands and her mind busy. Perfect recipe! “It’s super easy, fast and simple”.

She has followed the recipe to the letter, but her oven doesn’t heat a lot so she has adapted the cooking: “45 minutes at the maximum heat and then a quick grill!”.

“At the end of the cooking time, a beautiful color, an esthetically nice bread.”

Just need to adjust a bit more the cooking, the quantity of salt, maybe adding some olives or some nuts as Ginie suggests it and it will be perfect :) “… for a first try, I’m more than delighted.”

And I’ll let you admire her result!

On our side, we still enjoy it a lot!
I take the opportunity with this article to give you a small tip: use a fine flour for polenta to “flour” your bread before the cooking. It brings an extra light crunchy taste to the crust, very very good!

As Ginie and some others did, enjoy this magical recipe!


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