You did it! #10

A beautiful and happy new year my dear readers!

I’m back after this little French break (and with a lot of almond powder in my luggage :D). I hope you didn’t miss me too much ;)

I thought it would be great to start this year with a “You did it!” article, number 10 already, thank you so much!

Today I present to you Isa, a fervent blogger with who I exchange a lot of ideas. You can find a lot of good family recipes on her blog (but in French… I can help you if you need a translation ;). I even have already prepared her muffins once (that I advise you to try by the way!).

But this time, this is Isa who followed one of my recipes. Martha Stewart’s cookies have tempted her, I totally see why! 

But she has brought a nice personal touch to it: crushed hazelnuts and white chocolate chunks!

And then she improvised another version:  base with some milk and caramel chocolate and then some chocolate chunks. The cookies spread out a bit but they were still good :D

Find the detailed modifications here on her blog.

I'm going to nick one while I'm still here and head out! See you very soon,


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