Galette complète

After the « far », here is a dish from Brittany again: galettes (or buckwheat crêpes)! For those who could ask themselves, no I don’t deny my Norman origins, don’t worry ;) But yesterday, we had our neighbors for dinner and I wanted to make them taste a dish from (around) our region. The galette was perfect according to me: we can prepare it before and then spend less time in the kitchen and more with guests. Moreover, I still didn’t find some buckwheat flour here so I thought it would be a great try for them :) [Big news for Swedish people, I think I found some at Willy:s!]

Gamble paid off! Two serves, everybody enjoyed it :)

You will need:

For about 15 galettes
  • 350g buckwheat flour
  • 10g coarse salt
  • 1 egg
  • 750ml cool water
The ingredients to fill one galette
  • 1 slice of ham
  • A bit of grated cheese (gouda this time)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp crème fraiche

We start by preparing the galettes:

Into a salad bowl, mix the buckwheat flour with the coarse salt. Then add the water little by little. At the beginning you may have the feeling that you’re preparing cement but no, don’t worry it’s edible :p

Finally add the egg. You can whip it into a container before to avoid getting white egg parts when you will cook the galette. I don’t go to the trouble of doing it, I find it more “homemade” this way ^^.

Put aside 1 to 2 hours in the fridge.

Then let’s cook it:

Heat a big frying pan and prepare a small container of oil close to you (sunflower oil for example). Then we do the same as we do for crepes: brush the frying pan with some oil, pour the dough and cook the two sides. The first side is cooked when the galette gets a homogenous color:

Put aside the galettes until the last moment. Cover them with some foil to prevent from drying.

Preparing the “galette complète”:

Start by cooking the egg in a small frying pan greased with butter.

Melt a bit of butter in the pan used to cook the galettes. Heat the less beautiful side first (that means the last side cooked, do you still follow me? :p) and turn the galette over. Put the slice of ham on it, the grated cheese, the fried egg, the teaspoonful of crème fraiche, pepper it if you want, fold the sides of the galette when the cheese has melted and serve straight away!


If you find your first galette too thick, try to put less dough on the frying pan or add a bit of water to the dough (thing that I often do actually).

If you have some galettes left, you can keep them 1 day into the fridge.

You can fill galettes with a bunch of ingredients! You can even brush them with jam or Nutella when you reheat them into the frying pan, then you will get a quick dessert and really good for sure :) For this dinner, I chose to make 3 different kinds of fars: apple, pear and prune. Recipe adopted!


I accompanied the galettes with some green salad with a French dressing containing nut oil. Some French fries can also be appreciated ;)

I wish you a great weekend and if you eat some galettes, think about me ^^.


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