Crème anglaise in the simpliest way

Because it’s good, easy to make and goes with everything (and even alone ;), today’s recipe is an easy crème anglaise recipe (light custard sauce)!

A few ingredients will be needed for this smooth cream with a good vanilla taste, and quantities are really easy to remember, perfect for me :D

And in this crème anglaise we at least know what is in it! Bye bye colorants, preservatives, let’s meet up another time ^^.

For 2 people, here is the recipe:
    • 200ml milk (3%, 1.5%, 0.5% each works^^)
    • 2 yolks
    • 20g sugar
    • 1 tsp liquid vanilla

    Into a salad bowl, vigorously whisk yolks, sugar and vanilla together.

    Warm the milk into a pan (don’t boil it!), and when it’s well warm, mix it with the yolk mixture. For this, pour the milk on the edge of the salad bowl, the contact with the glass will make the milk a bit colder before it will touch the yolks). Mix well.

    Pour the mixture back in the pan and thicken it on a low heat. For this, we swap the whisk for a wooden spoon and we form some “8” in the pan until the spoon is coated with the cream, or we can also guess the moment to stop when we can clearly see the bottom of the pan under the cream when we mix it (as we can see in the photos)
    It should take about 10 minutes, but I promise it goes fast ;)

    To stop the cooking, you can pour the cream on a bowl placed in frozen water.

    To keep aside, covered with some plastic wrap, in the fridge!


    The crème anglaise should be eaten well cool and of course goes very well with chocolate desserts, like this “light” brownie I’ve recently shown you or also with the chocolate fondant (go quickly see it if you’ve missed it!). But this time, I’ve kept it for another dessert, with fruits for a change. Next recipe to be published actually (and soon I hope!).

    And by the way, tell me what you like to eat with crème anglaise? Has somebody already tried a chocolate crème anglaise?


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