Oatmeal rhubarb crumble

When a dessert is good and when it comes from a nice story, it definitely needs an article!

2 months ago, I was lucky to be picked in Isa Délice’s competition. Very nice draw Romain, I’m proud of you ;) As a gift from “La Fée Dinette”, I’ve received, among other things into a nice parcel, an organic oatmeal mix to make a crumble.  

That was the first part of the story :D

And then on Monday morning during my Swedish course, I got a beautiful bunch of rhubarb freshly cut, from my Irish friend Duncan, I’m so spoiled!! So when I came back home, I took a look at my rhubarb (yes, it’s mine now :D), at the crumble packet, at the rhubarb, oh! here are 2 apples, the crumble packet… Here we are, today’s dessert was just found!!

I’m not used to use rhubarb, I never buy any because I never think about it and especially because as soon as there is some rhubarb in a dessert, I can’t stop eating it. So I will humbly present you the way I made this dessert.

Here is to start the ingredient list for 2 food lovers:

For the fruits
  • 300g rhubarbs (weight of the fruit peeled)
  • 2 small apples
  • ¼ lemon
For the oatmeal crumble
  • ½ packet of the organic mix (about 125g)
  • 45g room temperature butter 
If you don’t have the organic oatmeal mix to make a crumble from “La fée Dinette”, you just have to follow this easy recipe ;)

The baking will be done in two parts, so preheat now the oven to 210°C.  

Then peel the rhubarb by removing the thin skin and the fibers from the layer above, it may take a few minutes if as me you’re not used to do that, but it’s worth it!

Dice everything and add the apples peeled and diced too. Pour a bit of lemon on it, mix and bake for 15 minutes into an oven plate.

In the meantime, we make the oatmeal crumble (for the classic crumble, see this recipe!):

Put the diced butter on the oatmeal mix and knead with your fingertips until you get the good texture (crumble texture that is :p).


When the fruits are precooked, remove the plate from the oven and spread the crumble on the fruits.

Bake again at 210°C but for 20 minutes this time. 


Some people would advice you to drain rhubarb before using it (by putting some sugar on it, in a colander in order to remove juice from it). I think it removes too much the sharpness, that I really enjoy in that fruit. So I used the rhubarb as it was and it was perfect this way!


Well, I like crumble when it’s warm! And I think this is the only dessert which contains fruits that I like warm :s

And because I love the warm/cold contrast, I accompanied it with some good vanilla crème anglaise (see the previous article!). The sharpness from the rhubarb and the softness from vanilla… needless to say how the taste buds feel like after that!! There is still of course the vanilla ice cream option :)

So here is the story about this delicious dessert. A huge thanks to Isa and “La Fée Dinette” who made a great spread to present her products (it was like Christmas when I got the parcel!!).

And a huge thanks to Duncan too for his delicious rhubarb (Duncan, if you hear me, my kitchen is ready for the next pruning of your rhubarb forest :D).

Enjoy our good season fruits everybody and  see you soon!


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