Red chief lentils and smoked salmon-balls with runny core

Well, I live in the country of ‘food’-balls and I’ve never written a recipe about it. Shame on me! So when I knew that ElanOr was organizing a competition named “You’re the ball!(hard to translate in English, sorry :p), I couldn’t miss it!

It’s been a while since I wanted to try to make ‘food’-balls. I had some ideas … but I had never taken the time to do it… my sweet thoughts always came on top of the list :p

So, for my first balls recipe, I wanted to use red chief lentils for their beneficial effect and their great color (we don’t eat enough legumes, although, full of good nutriments, there are great for our body!). I added smoked salmon to it, my weakness ;) And for a nice touch which is going to bring contrast to color/texture, I thought that a runny fresh cheese core would be perfect!

Biscotte, take your nicer salad leaf and follow me!

For a dozen of lentilballs:
  • 110g red chief lentils
  • 2 slices of smoked salmon
  • Some garlic powder (outch, I put too much of it!)
  • Some paprika
  • Some Philadelphia cheese
Tips for the sauce
  • Soya sauce
  • Some fresh lemon juice

The day before, soak the red chief lentils into a large bowl of water. Let hydrate for 12h.

Same day, rinse and drain lentils. Pour them into your blender, add garlic, paprika and a bit of salt if you want (but don’t forget there will be smoked salmon in it!). Mix everything well together. Add smoked salmon roughly cut and blend again until you get malleable dough.

Pour this dough into a salad bowl, oil an oven plate and take Philadelphia cheese close to you; this is the ball moment (better in French, sorry again^^)!

Put about a teaspoonful of lentil dough in your palm, press and form a small hole in it. Then add a bit of Philadelphia cheese in it. Complete with a bit of lentil dough on top of the fresh cheese, press a bit everything and smoothen out the lentilball. Sorry, no photo, my hands were busy ^^ I hope my explanations will be clear enough :)

Put the balls into your oven plate and spray with olive oil.


Cook for 20 minutes at 180°C into your oven.


Served with a crunchy green salad aside and a soya & lemon sauce (quick mixture made while the balls were cooking) and the lentilballs are ready!


I’ve found the ball dough a bit dry, but the runny heart balanced it well back (and the soya sauce also!).

Moreover, the quantity of smoked salmon will determinate the texture of the dough. You can also add some fresh cheese to the dough to wet it. 

I really had fun making these healthy, quick and easy to make lentil-balls! Thank to ElanOr and Angie who both inspired and motivated me with their previous recipes. And thank again to ElanOr for having chosen this theme which gave me the opportunity to finally launch myself into this kind of recipe!

And you, tell me, have you got a “must do” recipe (without meat if possible) to recommend?

See you very soon!


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