You did it! #16

A “You did it!” article which is special to me because it’s my friend Laurie who gets busy cooking!

Fond of good food (of course ;), Laurie made me discovered some months ago the delicious Lemon squares recipe from Marc Grossman.

We reverse the situation today! She has tried Martha Stewart’s all chocolate cookies that I have presented to you last September (time goes so fast!).

“I enjoy them so much, they are delicious, thanks again!”

“I made 4 big bakes at least, yummy yummy!!! I will think about you for my next breakfasts ;)”

Laurie, keep the one on top right for me, ok? And I come with an ice cream pot as planned!!

If as Laurie, Isa or Oum Nawel, those cookies tempt you (or any other recipe, let’s be crazy :p), don’t hesitate to send me pictures and comments about it!

See you very soon everybody for a recipe that is a bit special :)


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