I will have an avocado for dessert please!

Yesterday on food reporter (yes again… I told you I was addicted to it :p), I stumbled upon an intriguing picture from Leya: an avocado with some sugar on it… what?

She and other food reporters were so excited about this association of flavors, which clearly gives a really great dessert.  I don’t know if you’re like me, but I found that really strange, and at the same time very attracting! I like to discover new associations and this was a good one for me ^^.

So this is really simple, you will need:
    • 1 ripe avocado
    • Some sugar
    • A bit of lemon (optional)

    Then, you just have to cut in two the avocado and pour some sugar in the middle. No need to mix, just take a spoonful of avocado and sugar, squeeze some lemon onto it if you want to and pray for it to be tasty ^^.

    Here you go, now you know how this association tastes!

    So my opinion on the topic… well that’s really tasty! I was more than skeptical at the beginning but it’s really nice! Well of course « profiteroles » (a kind of pastry shells fill with some ice cream and covered by some chocolate sauce) will remain my favorite dessert ^^ but it makes a change and when you don’t have time to bake a dessert, this one is really quick to prepare! Ok you just need to have an avocado handy …

    J’ai bien apprécié aussi avec un peu de citron mais sur ce coup, ne vous fier pas trop à moi, j’arrose quasiment tout ce que je mange de citron ^^.

    I also enjoyed it with some lemon juice, but on this one don’t listen to me too much, I squeeze some lemon on almost everything I eat ^^.

    Anyway, if somebody told me two days ago that I would have avocado, lemon and sugar for dessert I‘d tell them they’re crazy! But I tried it^^. And if you like to taste new flavors, as I do, I really suggest you give it a try yourself!

    See you soon to discover some new flavors :)


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