Frozen yoghurt

Well, after this long (but good :p) Checkered layer cake recipe, I had to present to you a really quick one!

Easy for me because I recently discovered that everybody can make his own ice-cream, simply with a spoon and no need to have an ice-cream maker, isn’t that wonderful? And moreover with everyday life ingredients, really useful!

Therefore, you will just need to have plain yoghurt (or vanilla yoghurt), some sugar if you want and one ingredient to give the flavor: fresh fruits or frozen ones, chocolate, and so on!

Today I wanted to try a banana frozen yoghurt, so I used:
    • 1 banana
    • 1 tsp sugar
    • 70g yoghurt

    Start by keeping a small piece of banana for the dressing.

    Then pour all the ingredients into your blender and mix until you get the texture you want: I kept some small pieces for example.

    Pour in a container which can go into the freezer and let it freeze! Mix your “ice-cream” every 20 minutes to avoid getting a too strong texture with some ice chunks.

    When your ice-cream gets the texture you want, pour it into glasses and sprinkle the banana pieces that you put aside before.


    The resting time into the freezer will be different depending on the ingredient you will add to the yoghurt. For example, if you use frozen fruits, it will be faster than if you use fresh fruits.


    What I like about cooking is the fact that I can change flavors as I wish. This recipe, if we can call it this way because it’s so easy, it’s just what I like! Here we manage ourselves the flavor, the quantity of sugar, the ice-cream texture and of course the garnish. Let’s be inventive, I like it!

    Here are my first tries, raspberry frozen yoghurt and Nutella frozen yoghurt:

    So to make a big awesome dessert, you can add sauce, fruits, pieces of cakes, all in one go!

    Do you have any good ideas of flavor associations? As for me, I think I will soon make a vanilla ice-cream with some big cookie chunks and some chocolate sauce :D

    I’m waiting for your productions in my mailbox ;)


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