You did it! #05

Here is some good bread for the weekend, and all you need to do is stay in!

Today I’m presenting to you Maya’s cooking. She threw herself into preparing some good bread (Laura’s bread) and already had two successful trials!

She sent not only some good photos but also two interesting information:

  • First about the flour: she tested with the classical flour we use to make cakes (the one indicated by the recipe) but also with the flour usually used to bake bread (T55 or “wheat flour”). Good result with both!

  • Then about the freezing: sliced and frozen and then immediately toasted, so good! Second version by defrosting it at room temperature: “We get back some of the crunchiness, less fresh, but better than a slightly stale bread…

Interesting to know!

Maya became addicted to this bread, just as I did!
“I enjoy eating good things by nature and I love bread! Being able to bake it and moreover enjoy myself, is a real pleasure!”

The time you spend compared to the result you get is really worth it :D “A real crunchy crust, a beautiful color and a smooth texture inside almost effortlessly ;)”

Here are the steps in images:

If you also want to try this magical recipe, don’t forget to send me some photos of it!

See you soon!


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