My small baskets

Yesterday evening for the appetizer, I wanted to make small hot individual mouthfuls. A nice comfort as the weather is getting colder and colder :)

I named those mouthfuls “My small baskets” because of their shape but they actually are simple small pies ;) Formed into muffin tins, it changes everything! And with a yogurt pastry, so tasty!

New version: garden peas and smoked salmon

For 8 small baskets, you will need:
    • 1 yogurt pastry seasoned with some paprika and Espelette hot pepper
    • 1 egg
    • 7cl whipping cream
    • One or several ingredients to garnish the pies, in that case: tuna and zucchinis
    • Salt, pepper, paprika and Espelette hot pepper

    Start by preparing your yogurt pastry: you will add the spices to the flour (paprika and Espelette hot pepper or something else, whatever you feel like). Let it rest at least 1H into the fridge.

    When the dough has rested, take a very small part of it and roll it thinly out. Put this dough in one silicon muffin pan to form the basket base. You can cut the extra overflowing dough if you want to.

    Cut a bit of zucchini into pieces and brown them into a hot frying pan with some salt and pepper. In the meantime, into a bowl, mix the cream, the egg, some salt, pepper, paprika and Espelette hot pepper (or others spices that you like) with a fork.

    Into 4 baskets, put a bit of tuna and into the other ones some zucchini cubes.  Pour the liquid mixture on it. Now you just need to bake it!


    Bake for 20 minutes in your oven preheated to 200°C. My oven is so strange sometimes … so I would advise you to check the baking, don’t trust my estimates this time!

    Let cool down a bit before serving it and it’s done!


    Before making the baskets with the dough, don’t forget to prick it (to make holes with a fork) so the dough won’t rise. Of course I forgot to do it! But this swallowed paste was still great :p

    New version: garden peas and smoked salmon

    You will have some dough left with the quantity from the recipe. You can directly double the ingredients to garnish the pies if you’re hungry enough. Otherwise you can do as I did: keep the dough you have left into the fridge and make the same ones the day after :p

    Bon app’!


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