You did it! #03

Today I’m glad to present you Clémentine’s dish!

She tried to make the « Pépitos » or « Swiss bread » that I really enjoyed to share with you 1 month ago already. And don’t forget that’s my favorite Viennese pastry, what a pressure on her ^^.

Moreover, I have a lot of pictures to illustrate it and some detailed comments, great!

So Clémentine has followed the recipe to the letter, excepted for the resting times ^^. But anyway, it still works :)

The first contact with the dough was scary because it kept sticking but it went well after “hitting” it for 10 minutes: perfect! “It [the dough] was simply great, and it smelt good!”

Then the dough swallowed more than it was supposed to, about 2H – 2H30.

In the meantime, Clémentine made the fresh custard herself by following the recipe available here. Don’t forget to bake some meringues for example to use the whites!

With the rolled dough, Clémentine managed to make 5 pépitos. Then the pépitos rested again more than they were supposed to, about 1H30.

During this resting time, she prepared the syrup and the sweet milk and then, let’s bake everything into the oven!

The pépitos rose up a lot during the baking, probably because of the longer resting time, and she liked it a lot!

And now I just want to write Clémentine’s conclusion as she wrote it “And the goddamn taste, it was smooth, not dry at all, just awesome! I didn’t know that I would be able to make this kind of Viennese pastry someday :)”

Nothing could please me more :) I’m so proud of you my lovely computer scientist :p

Keep it up, enjoy your cooking and delight us with your photos & comments!


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