You did it! #01

I’m so proud to start this week by presenting you the first recipe followed by an Internet user and all of that in images!

It’s Do, food reporter addict just as me, who followed my Apple “moelleux” (lactose free) recipe.

Do tried a pear-apple version! She found the recipe really easy to make and the result really great, very “moelleux”, what more can you ask :) Oh yes, the baking was quicker than expected - event better ;)

And some homemade custard to go with it, please!

Then she enjoyed it so much, as her man who obviously went directly from starter to the dessert ^^, that she baked another one, only with apples this time:

What a pleasure to know that somebody tried my recipe (from my family recipes book) and really enjoyed it, I’m so happy!

So please send me your photos if, as Do, you try one of my recipe, that’s also the kind of thing that I really enjoy :)

See you soon bloggers friends!


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